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Reasons To Start Cycling

May 10th, 2022

Cycling is one of the most enjoyable ways of getting fit – and enjoyment means you are more likely to stay at it and therefore keep fit! Cycling is a social sport it can be enjoyed when you are on your own or if you take the whole family along – it is as easy as riding a bike.

Cycling is a fantastic way to explore what is on your doorstep – I bet that you find something new in your area after only a weeks cycling! Each town and city has its own attractions, if you venture outside of these towns, there is sure to be some of the most spectacular views and expanses that look different from the unusual angle that your bike offers!

Cycling gets you outdoors in the fresh air and lets you feel re-energized. You can cover a lot of distance or just go a little journey if you wish to and no petrol is required!

If it is an individual sport and you can choose to cycle alone. You can also set your own pace and go fast or slowly, as well as choose the distance you wish to cycle.

Cycling has a low risk of injury as it is low impact and is non-weight-bearing exercise. It will get your body up to a good level of fitness as well as be a god fun sport. Cycling can be enjoyed by all ages too, so many generations of the family can enjoy a nice Sunday afternoon cycle!

Cycling is a sensibly priced hobby. You can get a good deal on a quality bike that can last you for years.